TO.BE Charity Tangling Event


🌹 To.BE 🌹 CoJ Charity Tangling
Four free sessions, all are welcome
Donate to your favourite charity organisations

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🌹 To.BE 🌹
CoJ Charity Tangling


2020 is coming to a close. To many, the experience of living through this year has been quite different than before.

Riding on all the experiences you have been through in these challenging past months, where are you heading TO in 2021?

While trying to adjust, adapt and flow with the tides, we may have lost directions, become confused, or let fear and anxieties overtook us. What have we allowed ourselves to BE in this time of change? And how would you want YOU to BE in 2021?

It is only with finding who we are and where we are now, that we can move forward and truly BE.


The Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) team at Centre of Joy would like to invite you to the TO.BE Charity Tangling event, to gift yourself some time to reflect, TO.BE at the moment, and to set an intention TO.BE in 2021.

There are four tangling sessions offered by each of the CZTs, Samantha, Agnes, Wai Fong and Lindsay. These sessions are free to attend.


In this season of giving, we would like to ask that you donate any amount to a charity of your choice. If you do not have any yet, here is a link for your reference and consideration:

All are welcome to join these charity tangling sessions, no art background needed.


The four sessions of To.Be Charity Tangling are:

(1)  Xmas Tangling by Samantha Lee
24 Dec | 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm
Bilingual session

What’s more appropriate to celebrate Christmas with joy and appreciation for all that is happening in our lives now. It is with great joy and deep appreciation that we share the Zentangle method with you in this festive season, so come rejoice with us!

A5 size drawing/ art paper
Sakura Micron 01 or PN / Black ink pen
2B pencil
Tortillon/ cotton bud
Scrap paper for practice


(2)  OmakaZen by Agnes Khew
25 Dec | 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm
Bilingual session

This will be the last session of the OmakaZen series, which was created to provide an opportunity to practice having a curious mind and heart, as an essential step in mindful living. Come and experience a tangling feast carefully curated by Agnes and be amazed by your own potential and creativity at the end of the session.

1) A5 size drawing paper
2) Micron Pen 01 Black
3) 2B pencil
4) tortillion or cotton bud
5) eraser
5) colour pencils (optional)


(3) Perpetual Calendar Wheel by Wai Fong
26 Dec | 10.30 am to 1 pm
Bilingual session
Online and onsite (i.e., you can choose to attend via Zoom or in-person)
Venue: Centre of Joy (540 Sims Ave #02-06, S 387603)

The simplicity of life lies in the passing and going of each day, week and month. However, it is also the mundane BEing that allows our growth and maturity. Make a calendar for yourself or someone your love, to remind us To.BE  in the days, weeks and months to come.

2 pcs A4 size card paper of at least 200 gsm
Sakura Micron 01 or PN pen or a gel pen (black ink preferred)
2B pencil
Tortillion or cotton bud
Materials for taking notes
Arrow pointer for purchase at $2 each for on-site participants only. Pre-order for online participants at $3 each, including local standard shipping.




(4)  越多越少 岁末静心画禅绕 by Lindsay Lim
26 Dec | 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm
华语授课 Conducted in Mandarin

每当接近12月份时,总会 “收到” 许多来自宇宙的各种信息。没有任何理由,只是凭着直觉,来自星星的我期待与你们相聚。

岁末静心画禅绕 – 『越來越多, 就越來越少;越多,就越少』




  1. 一张方形禅绕纸砖 / 9cm x 9cm 方形白纸
  2. Sakura Micron 01/PN 黑色笔 / 任何一支黑色笔
  3. 2B 铅笔
  4. 推影纸笔 / 棉花棒
  5. 笔记本 / 纸(记录用)


Enquires: Please send WhatsApp message to 8892 6993 or email to


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TO.BE Charity Tangling

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